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An evaluation is a necessary starting point for both accent modification and speech/language therapy. (Outside therapy evaluations completed within the past 6 months may be accepted but will need to be reviewed. Similarly, following review, current school IEPs may be accepted for extended summer therapy services.) Following the evaluation, one-on-one sessions will target the clients’ goals, and the client/family will be given a home education program to promote carryover of newly learned skills.




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Services can be provided in person for clients in Columbus, Indiana. Services are conveniently provided in the client’s home but may be provided in office or the client’s daycare/school.



Pricing + services

communication for all is  a private pay practice.

HSA/FSA payments accepted.  superbill provided upon request for insurance.

consultation – free

Schedule a free consultation by phone to learn more about the services offered by Communication for All. We can discuss your personal and professional goals, how accent modification or therapy services can meet your needs, and any questions you may have.  


accent modification: Comprehensive evaluation + lesson package – *$1200

An accent modification evaluation will assess the specific manner in which you speak English as compared to the standard in order to create a lesson plan tailored to your needs. Accent modification can change your accent as much or as little as you want with the goal of speaking English in a way that is more easily understood by others, improving overall communication. Packages include a comprehensive evaluation and lesson plan, and additional lessons can be purchased as desired. With daily home practice, typical clients may average 10-15 sessions in order to achieve their goals. (Discount offered for students.)


speech/language evaluation – *from $250+

A speech/language evaluation can diagnose a disorder and identify underlying impairments in order to establish a functional, client-specific treatment plan. The process can include the use of formal and informal assessment measures, observation, and client/caregiver input. 


speech/language/dysphagia therapy – *From $90+

Following a comprehensive evaluation, weekly therapy sessions can target the goals outlined in the treatment plan. One-on-one sessions can be provided in the client’s home, at daycare, or via teletherapy, and a home education program will be provided to continue skill development between sessions.


*Contact me about specific service rates